MASVERDE, from its beginning until now, is focused on sustainability and respect for the environment, and, as its name indicates, it was established to contribute “green” (Mas verde means More Green) to society.


Masverde works with heart, with a “green” work philosophy that comes from its beginnings, not subject to fashion, and carried out from top to bottom. Social responsibility has been and will be the essential axis for the future of the company.

This identity as a brand makes our customers and employees choose us not just as a company to work but also for the environmental value we are providing. It is not a simply factor of competitiveness but a strategic engine in our development in which we consider three coordinates: economical, social / cultural and environmental.

We are heading towards a more balanced, prosperous and humane business development through the strategy of our brands Legado Hoteles and Tavoletta Restauración.

Our hotels and restaurant are not static products, they are not just places to go, they have a soul, their own and genuine spirit that connects the client with the establishment and its surroundings.

This Masverde philosophy is developed through the following basic points:

1.-Development of the Andalusian business and culture

Our hotels and restaurant use local products from Andalusia and from Seville. Promoting the local products and improving the economy, culture and society of the areas where we carry out our activity. Favoring the local high quality product.

2.- Environment and Sustainability.

We work through a sustainable strategy committed with the environment, adapting our lines of action to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Related to the gastronomy, we promote and practice a respectful ecology with the environment, we are responsable with health, local productivity and green crops. We work with suppliers / collaborators that are on the same line.

We reduce the impact of the carbon footprint in transport with our nearby products policy.

3.- Return to society.

We collaborate with non-profit associations (NPOs, Foundations, etc.) at the locations where we have our activity. Seeking that our actions have a positive impact on society.

Mixing all the ingredients, we contribute to sustainability and to the future of the next generations.

With our core values ​​as guides to how we do business, Legado Hoteles helps people realize their potential on every horizon. We believe in the power of travel, our contribution to the ability to live unforgettable memories and to enrich our understanding of others.

Legado Hoteles will always be there to welcome you.

Silvio Contreras Ruesga